Definition of withdrawal-plan

What is Withdrawal Plan?

Definition of Withdrawal Plan A regular removal of funds from a mutual fund account is called withdrawal plan. These plans have various types and are available among different fund organizations. Investors who have deposited money in mutual fund or any other fund for a specific purpose; let’s say retirement will often withdraw money from their […]
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Definition of withholding

What is Withholding?

Definition of Withholding Deducting amount from a salary of an employee in order to fulfill government requirements is known as withholding. There are different types of withholding, these are listed below: Withholding federal income tax Withholding state income tax Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) tax deductions Other withholdings Explanation of Withholding One of the major […]
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Definition of withholding-allowance

What is Withholding Allowance?

Definition of Withholding Allowance Withholding allowance is an employee’s claims for exemption in withholdings from his/her income. If there are more allowances that an employee claims in W-4 form, then less amount will be deducted from his/her salary and vice-versa. The information in W-4 form is used by an employer to determine how much amount […]
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Definition of withholding-tax

What is Withholding Tax?

Definition of Withholding Tax The money deducted from an employee’s salary and send to state, federal or local tax authority is known as withholding tax. Before giving salary to employees, a certain amount called income tax is deducted. Income tax obliges every wage earner to pay tax as they earn salary. And a wage earner […]
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Definition without-evidence-of-insurability

What is Without Evidence of Insurability?

Definition of Without Evidence of Insurability Without evidence of insurability is an ability to apply for an insurance policy without a requirement to submit a medical report. There are insurance plans which do not require medical reports and examinations of insured person. If coverage limits are low then, an insurance organization may approve insurance without […]
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Definition of without-recourse

What is Without Recourse?

Definition of Without Recourse The term “without recourse” has been defined in different ways. In financing particularly, it refers to the arrangement in which the dealer’s maximum possible liability is limited to warranties related to what the quality an installment contract holds. Explanation of Without Recourse Without recourse term also applies in the secondary market. […]
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Definition workout-market

What is Workout Market?

Definition of Workout Market Workout Market is believed to be that reasonable estimated purchase or sale price of a security, which is observed and calculated over some specific time period. This prediction is made by market makers. Explanation of Workout Market Market makers quote the prices that are subject to the availability of a matching […]
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Definition of workout-period

What is Workout Period?

Definition of Workout Period Workout period, also seen as reset period, is the time period in which temporary yield discrepancies between fixed income securities are adjusted. Explanation of Workout Period During the workout period, bond issuers and credit rating agencies outstanding fixed income issues and adjust any discrepancies in price or yield, in order to […]
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