Definition of zacks-investment-research


Definition of Zacks Investment Research

Zacks Investment Research is an organization which was incorporated in 1977 to provide financial data, information, and analysis to the professional investors. This data, information, and analysis help professional investors in making financial decisions for clients and themselves. The organization offers summaries and research reports of several stock prices, stocks, various investment tools, and charts and tables. But the organization is best known for the wide range of consensus earnings per share estimates.

Explanation of Zacks Investment Research

Zacks Investment Research has an extensive range of informative tools and products which can be by both individual and professional investors:

Individual Investors:

Zacks Rank and Equity Research are being used by Wall Street, these give the best qualitative and quantitative analysis to Wall Street. The organization also manages the cash of high net worth investors. Also, the organization provides the best services to its clients and help them in achieving their investment goals.

Institutional Investors:

For the past 30 years, Zacks Investment Research has been offering services to professional investors. The variety of essential and quantitative tools are there, which helps professional investors to compete in today’s highly competitive market. The goal of the organization is to earn and retain customers’ trust and help them make speculative decisions, improve their returns and maximize their productivity. In order to achieve these organizational goals, a number of tools are being developed, including proprietary models, backtesting and reporting, raw data and full-text research reports, etc.

The top clients of Zacks Investment Research include JP Morgan, Morningstar, Bank of America, Legg Mason, Bloomberg, and Fidelity.


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